About Dr. Garlett

Plagued with chronic migraines as a child, Dr. Garlett understands first-hand what it’s like to suffer for years with debilitating pain. He understands what it’s like to endure countless tests that never provide an answer and countless medications that never provide any real relief. A trip to California one summer for a family reunion is where he met his uncle, Dr. Roy Garlett, for the first time. It’s also where he received his first of many chiropractic adjustments that not only saved his life, but would later change the course of it.

From an early age, Dr. Garlett had a fascination with learning how everything “worked”. He loved taking things apart, fixing things, and then eventually started drawing little “projects” and then would actually build them. These interests are what later developed into his original career path where he attended the University of Texas for Architectural Design and then worked for several years in the fields of architecture, mechanical engineering, and the residential and commercial construction industry.
Ironically, while attending another family reunion years later, Dr. Garlett sustained a very serious low back injury attempting to water ski for the first time. Thankfully, his uncle, Dr. Roy Garlett, and his cousin, Dr. Joe Garlett, who had also become a chiropractor, were also at the reunion. After working on him for a relatively short amount of time, Dr. Garlett went from barely able to walk to nearly pain-free. This second “nudge” from the Universe got his attention. He left the reunion that day and started down the road towards his true calling; being a chiropractor.

Fueled by his passion for helping others, Dr. Garlett took his years of design and construction experience and coupled them with the education he acquired during his 4 years at Cleveland Chiropractic College, and created a unique blend of skills, knowledge, and expertise that has allowed him to successfully treat thousands of “difficult” cases just like the one he himself suffered from as a child.

Dr. Garlett believes without a doubt that chiropractic saved his life. His mission, for the past 19 years, has been to return the favor by improving the lives of as many people as he possibly can through chiropractic care.